Maria Ferreira

Venezuelan born and Portuguese native, Maria Ferreira is an interdisciplinary artist practising across a range of media including digital video, photography, and installation. She earned a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design as a double major in Film/Animation/Video and Graphic Design. She is currently working as a graphic designer in New York City and is continuing her work with Chemical Crystallography at Bart Khar's research group in NYU's Department of Chemistry.

Using technology as a lens, Ferreira searches the vast wilderness of her material world for spaces imperceptible to the human mind. Her work magnifies the peculiar visual patterns found across microscopic and macroscopic landscapes and exposes their synchronous rhythms. Through her experiments with color, form, motion, sound, and the tactility of light, she aims to construct new ways to see and interpret the world by deliberately blurring the line between the physical and the abstract. Ferreira's process combines extensive research with the meticulous collection and construction of imagery sourced from publicly available databases and other unique scientific visualization techniques.

Upcoming screenings and exhibitions:
Brooklyn Bridge Park "Movies With a View" Sceening New York, August 9th 2018
MoMA PS1 Warm Up Stage Design New York , Aug 18th/25th and Sep 1st 2018
SFO Museum Video Arts Screening San Francisco, October 2018
Pompidou Centre Museum - Children's Program Web Screening Paris, October 2018

to separate,
each mirror devours itself

to pass as with ticks of a clock,
tulips dipped in liquid

a deviation in direction
silkscreens of silent orchards

an expanse of open ground,
a textured map