This Interactive installation is  showcased at the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco, Casa de la Ciencia in Sevilla, New York University Abu Dhabi Art Gallery, and the Santa Barbara Center for Art Science and Technology.

The primary component of the installation is a collection crystal “paintings” encased within a custom light box. The second part of the installation is a video documenting the fascinating way in which these crystals grow and form. Showcasing footage captured using a polarizing microscope and micro-imaging technology, the video highlights the crystal growth process of the exhibited crystal 'paintings.

Synthetic crystals, polarizing film, custom aluminum lightbox, video

Exploratorium Museum

NYUAD Art Gallery



Although they may look computer-generated, the unedited micro-imaging within the film examines a very real world ordinarily imperceptible to the human eye. This meditative film showcases the incredible way these crystal compositions are reminiscent of larger natural structures such as mountain ranges, vast sand dunes, insects and plants as the line between the animate and inanimate become blurred.
Original: 8 minutes