Maria Ferreira

Venezuelan born and Portuguese native, Maria Constanza Ferreira is an interdisciplinary artist and director practicing across a range of media including digital video, photography, and experiential installation. She is currently progressing her work in the field of chemical crystallography as an artist-in-residence and researcher at New York University's Department of Chemistry under the Kahr Research Group. She earned a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design as a double major in Film/Animation/Video and Graphic Design.

Upcoming screenings and exhibitions:
Punto y Raya Festival Best of Show Screening New York City, June 27th 2019
Exploratorium Museum Screening San Francisco, May 3rd 2019
Times Square Midnight Moment New York City, November 2019

Sun God

“The video, directed by Maria Constanza, is a study of motion – a depiction of will over nature, and it marries perfectly well to the sound. Like the tune, there’s a poetry to the stuff you’re looking into, and the movements that stuff is making. What is this thing we’re looking at? Can we unravel its nature by observing its actions? What happens when something delicate is met with a large, and dark force? Well, in this video, and in this music, beauty is shown as being preserved. The interaction between internal and external forces produces a different kind of peace.” - Popblocks blog